Manual Adhesion Release™

Manual Adhesion Release™ (MAR) is the leading form of soft tissue treatment that removes adhesion or scar tissue. Many things can cause adhesion or scar tissue formation. Blows, pulls, tears, and overuse injuries such as prolonged positions like sitting or standing can all deprive tissues of oxygen. This lack of oxygenation to structures can result in the formation of dense, fibrotic tissue. This is what we refer to as adhesion. Next to degeneration and arthritis, adhesion is arguably one of the premier causes of muscle and joint pain, yet the most underdiagnosed condition. Adhesion can prevent structures from moving correctly by sticking tissues and nerves together; think glue-like substance. This results in the entrapment of nerves causing numbness, pain, and tingling. Some examples of nerve entrapment include sciatica, tarsal tunnel syndrome, and carpal tunnel syndrome. Adhesion can also cause weakness and loss of strength and flexibility, which can further develop into secondary injuries. Impingement of the shoulder and hip joints, neck pain, low back pain, shin splints, plantar fasciitis, tight hamstrings, rotator cuff tendonitis, are just a few examples of conditions treated at BSW.  


Instrument adhesion release™

Instrument Adhesion Release™ (IAR) is a form of manual treatment using a specialized instrument that is designed to effectively remove adhesion without damaging the overlying healthy tissue. IAR’s instrument design, technique, and overall system produces vastly superior results with greater ease and comfort than all other instruments. Instrument Adhesion Release (IAR) is not a generic form of soft tissue “mobilization”. Rather, it is a highly targeted instrument and training combination that improves diagnoses, and allows for faster more effective treatment. Using any instrument to treat soft tissue adhesion requires 3 key components:

  • A Complete and Accurate Diagnosis (Integrative Diagnosis)

  • An instrument with the correct size, shape, edge, and material (IAR Instrument)

  • Hands-on Training (Hands-on IAR seminar)

If just one component is anything less than perfect, you won’t yield amazing results. IAR is the only system that contains all 3 critical components. 


Corrective Exercise

Corrective exercises are often applied in the rehabilitative phase of a treatment plan. Rehabilitative exercises vary case to case.  The goal of treatment is to first reduce adhesion and restore normal range of motion. Once range of motion is restored, it is important to address muscles that have weakened or atrophied due to the previous presence of adhesion.  Strengthening the musculature will support surrounding structures, renew muscular imbalances, and prevent future injury and pain.  At BSW, we provide concise and targeted exercises that are as detailed and catered to each case as our treatment prescriptions. Effective treatments combined with effective exercises lead to better patient outcomes and sustained results. 

Custom Orthotics

Sole Supports are the only truly custom orthotics that take into account your arch height, foot flexibility, body weight, and load. They can be useful for patients that need longer relief and support after treatment has reduced adhesion and strengthened the tissue. The genius of Sole Supports is they stay in full contact with your arch as you move and allow your feet to still accommodate as you put your weight into them. This reduces the load on tissues in the region, creating sustained pain-free mobility for the patient. Whether your condition requires Sole Supports will depend upon your specific exam, diagnosis, and prognosis.