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For the Alleviation of Overuse Injuries in Sports and in Life Through Specialized Soft Tissue Treatment.


We are Soft Tissue Specialists certified in the diagnosis and conservative treatment of muscle, nerve, and joint problems. Restoring health and performance through results-driven care is our focus. Patients deserve clinical excellence and lasting pain relief and it is our mission to fill that void in our community.

Bloomington Sports and Wellness is the only Integrative Diagnosis® full body certified clinic in the state of Indiana. What does that mean? No symptom charts. No guessing what the problem might be. We perform thorough exams in order to get to the root of your problem and provide the exact treatment necessary to get you back to doing the things you love!  


What makes us different?

Not all pain remedies are created equal and certainly not sustaining. Learn about how BSW restores function and eliminates pain using precise diagnoses, assessments,
and conservative treatments through the Integrative Diagnosis method. 

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Something as simple as not being able to hold your child without experiencing pain or continue a favorite hobby or sport can be detrimental to your mental and physical health. Our goal is to heal and strengthen you so you can regain quality of life and start living pain free. 

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