Low Back and Neck Pain Prevention

Poor posture while in a seated position is a major cause of low back and neck pain as it increases the stress put on your cervical and lumbar discs.  For many people, sitting for the majority of the day is the norm. So how can we reduce the load on our low back and neck while we are forced to sit for these long periods of time? The answer is in these four easy steps:


  • Sit straight up with hips and knees at 90 degrees.

  • Slide all the way back so your low back touches the back of the chair.

  • Lean backwards so the upper back touches the back of the chair to take the load off the spine.

  • Move closer to your work/table/desk to reduce the chances of returning to bad positioning and move around the room for short walk breaks.

Disc Injuries and Low Back Pain Prevention

Following these few easy steps will allow you to reduce the load on the discs in your spine, reduce/prevent back and neck pain, and reduce the chances of degeneration in the spinal discs.


While these tips can be helpful in preventing and/or minimizing load on your spinal discs, disc pain is not always that simple. Every situation is different. Some disc degenerate over time while other injuries are new. At Bloomington Sports & Wellness we provide functional movement screenings to narrow down the exact cause of your problem and the specific tissue(s) involved.

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